One thing we can promise you. Our commitment to excellence starts and ends with you in mind. We created this gorgeous collection to help you, the professional, elevate the experience you create for your guests.  It is our goal to bring you the world’s best education and products to offer, to help you stand out amongst the crowd.  We want you to make more money, have more fun, and create the lifestyle you want based on your schedule, not your clients. You work hard and you deserve more success. We’re here to help. 

We go beyond simply teaching the technical skills of hair extension application and removal; we provide easy and repeatable systems designed to support salon professionals in growing their hair extension clientele. We support you in the entire process starting from consultation, designing the transformation of your clients dreams, application through integrity and cutting and blending, all the way through home care while increasing retail and frequency of salon visits. Our education exists to eliminate any guesswork and ensure salon professionals are set up for success.


Ryan Weeden, Founder and CEO of Masters of Balayage, brings top-level training to aspiring hair stylists across the world, through both live events and online education. Pioneering the balayage look and sought after techniques the Masters of Balayage education was crafted, from his sectioning techniques and hair-painting process to the products he uses to create the ultimate sun-kissed blends he inspires colorist from all over. From losing everything in a soul-crushing bankruptcy to building a multi 7-figure empire, Ryan learned what it takes to create a well respected brand.  As an entrepreneur and success coach, Ryan inspires his global audience to unlock their own personal greatness. Ryan also hosts a popular new podcast for hairdressers called “The Hairpreneur Show.”


Angie Gilmore is a 20 year veteran in the salon industry with over 16 years of experience behind the chair. Angie has dominated in every salon category placing her in the industry’s top 1% for average service ticket, average retail ticket and pre-booking. Through her success as a stylist, platform artist, speaker, and Master trainer, Angie has worked with on-screen talent in both production, print and television. Angie’s passion is empowering others to identify and surpass their potential. As Director of Products & Programs at easihair pro, Angie drives innovation as she leads in the development and implementation of original creative content, product development, marketing and educational programs for easihair pro to support the salon industry and create successful salon professionals.